12 Apr 2019

竞博官网:Elaine Tarone Continues the Jyv?skyl? – Minnesota Connection, Spring 2019

Elaine Tarone (University of Minnesota) made her third visit to Jyv?skyl? in March-April, 2019.

竟博 www.cclhjd.com On March 26 with a group of faculty, students and administrators, I gave my perspective on the “Douglas Fir Group”’s transdisciplinary framework for second-language acquisition and teaching in an increasingly changing multilingual world, and enjoyed a very interesting discussion on the implications of that emerging framework for applied linguistics in Finland.


I learned a tremendous amount in subsequent related discussions, during an exciting strategy and planning session to shape the Language Campus’s future, in my office hours with some of Jyv?skyl?’s creative faculty and graduate students, and over many great meals.

I am very grateful for the hospitality of my hosts, especially Johanna Ennser-Kananen, Taina Saarinen, and Minna Suni, who dramatically increased my sense of well-being with lots of exercise, excellent food (and wine), and a constant barrage of new ideas. I hope our exchange of ideas was also productive for you, and a strong partnership with Minnesota will continue to evolve.


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